A little more about RJ Owens...

Born on the Central Coast of California to a School Principal and a Prison Matron (these are two separate people but the confusion is understandable) proved to be the single-most dullest experience in RJ's life. Having his father as his school principal and RJ being a miscreant is what lead to RJ's life of "the ways of magic". Being suspended by his father for a week from school (for reasons yet to be divulged) and having to spend his days from 7:00am - 3:00pm in the public library reading and finishing three book reports a day is where his first dalliance in magic occurred (unless of course, you count the stealing of quarters from his father's change jar magic).

RJ's first paid performance was when he was 10. This momentous occurrence took place in a mobile home park in Soledad, California. The fee was $25.00. It was there that RJ fell in love with two things...

1. The sound of laughter and applause.

2. Money.Young RJ

It was also at this time he joined a local theater company. His first role was that of William Dowtown. The character was described as "...big as a house and dumb as a fencepost." Typecasting?

Realizing he could get paid for being entertaining, at age 13 he packed his bags and moved to the Big City...Salinas, California. Okay, getting paid to perform wasn't the only thing, but no one wants to talk about they?

It was here he started another life-long passion; Theater. He spent 10 seasons with The Western Stage at first behind the scenes as a technician and stagehand until one fateful day when a director of one of the shows shouted out..."who's the fat kid?" "Gimme the FAT KID!" How little they knew this would set the ball rolling!

RJ has been performing ever since.

As for RJ's future...who knows? In the words of his grandmother, "'re 44, how much future do you have left?"

Well, he showed her! RJ is currently starring in Mystère by Cirque du Soleil on the Las Vegas Strip.



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